Novalja has a long, vivid and interesting history, evidence of which you can find in numerous archaeological locations in the town and its surroundings. Especially Caska (Cissa) which is full of archeological remains that are dated all the way from Roman times as well as the medieval times. The Museum, placed in Novalja, is known for the so called Talijanova buža i.e. antique underground aqueduct, 1050 m long and 60 cm wide, in which one can enter from the Museum, and the exit is in Novalja field. It was built in 1st century A.D., i.e. in Roman times, and is entirely carved by human hand in solid rock. It is one of the greatest tourist attractions of Novalja, which you have to visit.


One of the few culinary specialties is the world-famous and awarded Pag cheese, special because of the bura wind, which brings sea salt to the aromatic herbs growing on the rocky slopes, making special the milk of Pag's sheeps. Pag's lamb specialties also renowned, being farmed on the bura blowing slopes of the island. Don't miss millenary olive groves and taste Pag's olive oil which pairs perfectly with the local cheese. Must try are typical Pag's pasta (macaroni na iglu) and a lot of fresh fish meals. For desert we recommend the typical cheese strudel , the fried hrostule or frite. Also taste the traditional white wine Gegić, or the black wine coupage named Burin. And as a digestive, don't miss the local brandy Travarica, a grappa made, onece again, from the aromatic herbs of the island of Pag!

Zrće-Party Beach

Zrće (pronounced [zr̩̂ːt͡ɕɛ]) is a long pebble beach on the Adriatic island of Pag in the northern part of the Croatian coast. It is located near Novalja and Gajac, about 2 kilometres (1 mile) from the town's center. It is one of over 100 Blue Flag beaches in Croatia, having been given the award in 2003. The beach is a well-known Croatian summer destination for partygoers, with several all-hours discotheques and beach bars operating during summer months. It regularly features gigs by internationally known house and trance DJs at the peak of the Croatian summer season in July and August. Zrće is particularly popular among young club goers, while other pebble and sand beaches on the island are more family-oriented.

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Villa Tereza smještena je u prekrasnoj uvali Caska, koja je poznata po svojoj bogatoj prošlosti još iz doba starih Rimljana. Mi Vam nudimo izvrstan smještaj u samom srcu prirodnih i povijesnih bogatstva otoka Paga. Provedite svoj odmor u apartmanima Ville Tereze!

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Villa Tereza is situated in a beautiful bay Caska, whose history is known all the way from roman times . We offer you excellent accommodation in a very heart of Island's natural and historical beauties. Spend your vacation in Villa Tereza!


  • II. patro, 80 m2,  6+2 3 dvoulůžkové ložnice kuchyně s jídelnou s.
  • II. patro, 40 m2,  4+1 2 dvoulůžkové ložnice + 1 osoba v.
  • I. patro, 25 m2, studio apartmán pro 2 osoby pohled do zahrady.
  • I. patro, 100 m2,  4+2 2 třílůžkové ložnicekuchyně a obývací pokoj WC.
  • I. patro, 45 m2,  4+2 2 dvoulůžkové ložnice + 2 osoby v.